Unique photo montage videos for your
family or organization

Silver Frame Productions

Kindergarten-to-Grad - Digital Album

From the first days of kindergarten, to the final days of high school - parents take photos along the way! 

A 'photo album style' video collection of those photos is a nice way to collect, preserve and share the photo memories from through the years.  Photos and video clips from family, school, sports and activities are fused in a keepsake on DVD (or Blu-Ray!) as a gift to the graduate, other family members, or to show at a family BBQ to celebrate the grad. 

Completely customized with your choice of title and captions - all you need to do is gather your photos and give me a call at (204) 648-4840. This is just a short sample - choose from any of the 4 packages to get started!

(Please note - if the video or sound quality is not smooth, it may be due to your internet connection.  You may need to pause the video for a moment to allow time to buffer)