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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Photo Montage Slideshow Videos!

I design a completely customized photo montage (slideshow) video, set to music, using your choice of photos (and perhaps video clips) that you would like used. The photos can be old or new, and they can be digital or hard copy (printed). You will receive your video on DVD, Blu-ray, or a format suitable for playing on a computer with projector. If you have a Blu-ray player and an HDTV, be sure to order yours on Blu-ray for an even better viewing experience!

This is a wonderful way to ‘do something’ with your special photo collections, rather than have them sit in albums, boxes, or in folders on your computer. Family & friends will love to see them at holidays, family gatherings, or as gifts for special occasions!

You can certainly design one of these yourself (many people use something like PowerPoint) – but many people simply don’t have the time, the software, or the interest – especially if it’s for an upcoming event that they are planning.  This is where I come in!  Not only have I done many of them – but I also use professional software designed for completely customized slideshows.  I literally have thousands of effects, transitions, backgrounds, animations – along with being able to completely customize and edit the timing, music and captions to truly tell your story. I use things like the Ken Burns Effect (panning & zooming to focus on part of a photo), 3D effects and more - I design each individual slide with consideration to the mood, color, subject and theme of the photo(s) I am working on.  

I only use top-quality discs, and they are inkjet-printable so I can print titles, dates, and/or photos right to the disk surface… no messy sticky labels or markers, and much nicer than lightscribe!

What kind of occasions are they suitable for?

Slideshow videos are perfect for:

Celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries

Family 'Highlights' keepsakes

Graduation parties

Weddings (at the reception or as a keepsake for afterwards)

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day gifts

Baby showers

Keepsakes of vacations

And almost any other occasion you can think of!

Many people choose to have one made as a special gift to relatives or family that lives far away, particularly as a special alternative for the person or grandparent that is hard to buy for!  I also design slideshow videos for small businesses, community organizations, and waiting rooms.

Do you Design Memorial Tribute DVDs?

I have been honored to design several Memorial Tribute Slideshows, and there is no greater trust than the trust that is given to me by families that would like the ultimate keepsake of their loved one.  Often, a family will choose to take some time and gather photos, cards, letters, videos, poems or quotes, and any other memories of their loved one to be included.  Please call or email for details on Memorial Tribute or Celebration of Life DVDs.
Can you add video from VHS tapes?

Yes!  I also offer services to transfer old home movies from VHS to DVD – and I can also use the clips in between photos in your keepsake slideshow.  This is quite nice if you have older footage from weddings, children growing up, or past family reunions.
How much will a Photo Montage Slideshow Video cost?

Please see the 'Packages' page of this website!  They are based on the number of photos you would like used. A short 'video greeting card' could be one of the smaller packages; a half-hour 50th anniversary celebration video, or a wedding keepsake with all of your wedding photos, may be a larger package!  

 If I don’t live near you, how does it work?

I work with clients across Canada and beyond!  You can send me a disc or flash drive with your photos, or I can suggest a file sharing upload site that is easy to use. If you have printed photos (or VHS tapes) and can’t have them scanned or digitized where you live, you can ship them to me insured.  It is preferable to send digital files when possible. Once your project is complete, I will send your disc(s) by mail.

How do I arrange all my photos?

I like to tell a story with your photos.  Most of the time, arranging them chronologically makes the most sense (but not always!)  I suggest gathering all your photos – if they are hard copy, stacking them in piles according to date and if they are digital, in a folder(s).  Do not write on the backs of photos!  Use sticky notes if you need to make any notes or captions that you would like used. 

What about the quality of my digital photos?

Blurry or poor-resolution photos can affect how your video looks on a large screen or TV.  Most digital cameras take great photos, but if they have been compressed for email they may not look as great. It is always best to send me the original files.  If the photos were taken on a cell phone camera, they will likely be OK as long as the camera was steady and clean.  If you have hard copies, and are planning to scan yourself, please scan at 600dpi for best results.  

Can I order extra copies of the slideshow, for gifts or family?

Yes – DVDs or Blu-rays can be purchased.  Often, people order extras for family, grandparents, to put away for children when they get older, or for certain purposes (ie a vacation slideshow copy for everyone that was on the trip, or a family reunion – as a keepsake for those that attended and didn’t).  Also popular are copies of wedding reception or wedding photo keepsake videos, for parents, grandparents, or wedding party members.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cheques, money orders, cash, and also email (Interac) money transfers if you do online banking.  I require a 50% deposit towards any packages that are ordered, with the balance due upon completion.

Still have questions?  Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (204) 648-4840!